When Should I Book A Moving Company

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How Soon Should I Contact a Moving Company?

Moving your home is always a stressful endeavor and it is important to hire a reliable moving company as far in advance as possible. Whether your new home is across the street or the across the country, start contacting moving companies no more than eight and no less than six weeks before your scheduled move date. At this time, a moving company will be making their schedule for the dates surrounding your move and should have a good idea of the amount of work they will have.

Considering the General Specifics of Your Move

The six to eight week time frame is not absolute, however, and should be altered to fit the circumstances of your individual move. For example, if your employer is paying for your relocation there may be specific rules or dates by which you must notify them of the cost of the move and the name and other details of the company you have hired. In some instances your employer may have a contract with a moving company and require you to add yourself to the company’s schedule a certain length of time in advance. Similarly, should you want the moving company to pack your belongings in addition to moving them it is advisable to contact companies sooner rather than later to ensure that you are able to schedule an adequate amount of time for this task.

Consider the Personal Specifics of Your Move

The distance and difficulty of your move must also be considered when determining when to begin contacting moving companies. If your move is a relatively small one and within the same state or region, you may not require as much advance planning because local moving companies tend to make shorter moves and therefore have more available trucks and employees at their disposable on short notice. In contrast, long-distance moves take more time, and often your belongings will not be deliverable for up to two weeks after being loaded on the moving truck. When you would like delivery of your belongings will affect when you should contact a moving company, as it changes the date for pick-up. If, for instance, you are able to occupy your new home beginning April 1, the moving company may need to pick-up your belongings on March 20.

Considering the Time of Year of Your Move

For both local and long-distance moves, be aware of the heavy moving times of the year, which traditionally runs from the beginning of May until the end of August. The increase in number of families moving during this time may make it more difficult for you to find a mover available on your moving date.